SUPERFIGHT Enters Closed Beta Testing; Get Your Code Now!

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If you’ve spent the past few months watching our weekly SUPERFIGHT streams, wondering when you’d get a chance to debate the merits of infinite sausage lassos and drunken former Presidents with friends for the amusement of internet strangers, today’s your lucky day!

This morning, SUPERFIGHT, the digital version of Skybound’s hit card game of absurd arguments, entered closed beta testing. While the game is not yet widely available, anyone interested in trying SUPERFIGHT early (and helping us to squash any remaining bugs) can sign up for a free key by visiting Just click the black box on the right that reads, “Sign Up For Closed Beta,” then keep an eye on your inbox.

Still on the fence? Not sure if you want to try SUPERFIGHT? Wondering how a game about loud, unruly arguments could possibly be fun? Take a look at this awesome stream we recorded just yesterday with special guest streamer Wootystyle.

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