Pipeworks Announces SUPERFIGHT: The Digital Card Game of Outrageous Arguments

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Pipeworks, in cooperation with Skybound and 505 Games, is elated to announce the upcoming digital version of SUPERFIGHT, the hit card game of outrageous arguments. Pitting players against one another in battles of hypothetical wit, SUPERFIGHT challenges players to make compelling arguments about the kinds of trivial subjects we all spend far too much time pondering. Who would win in a fight between a drunk Darth Vader and Abraham Lincoln riding a bear? Which is the better weapon: a rope of sausages or a skunk on a stick?

“Back when I was still shipping Superfight out of a tiny apartment garage, I obsessed over what Superfight would look like someday as an app. I spent months thinking up what would be the best way to make this card game a digital game,” said Darin Ross, creator of Superfight. “Then Pipeworks showed up and carpet-bombed that idea with ideas and style that were way, way better. Pipeworks is perfect for Superfight, and I’m very grateful to them for what they are doing for my game.”

Combining everything players love about the physical version of SUPERFIGHT with modern live streaming technology allows us to provide a unique experience for both players and fans. While absurd arguments are still the focus of the digital game, audience participation plays a major role in how matches play out. Using a simple, intuitive interface designed with Twitch in mind, viewers cast votes for the best, most inspiring, most hilarious arguments, and are rewarded with both persistent in-game experience points, and the satisfaction of watching a player’s dreams of victory collapse in real-time.

SUPERFIGHT will be available for PCs via Steam later this year. For more on SUPERFIGHT, visit superfightlive.com.

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