Start with two decks of cards: CHARACTERS (white cards) and ATTRIBUTES (black cards). Invariably your cards will be all mixed up so go ahead and sort that out.

One player starts by drawing three white cards and three black cards and keeps them, like his/her nonsense opinions, to him/herself. A second player does the same.


Each player chooses one white card and one black card from their hand to create a fighter and places those cards face down and discards their remaining cards.

Next, both players turn over their cards with maximum dramatic tension to reveal their fighters. Laughter occurs. Each player then draws a random black card from the deck and adds it to their fighter. More laughter.


Embrace the hand life has dealt you and argue why your fighter would win the fight. Your friends/future arch rivals vote for a winner and he/she takes home the point and takes on a new challenger. What happens in the event of a tie?

Uh… SMOKE BOMB! Just kidding. Check the full rules, we’ve thought of virtually everything. I say “virtually” because we almost certainly have forgotten things. Like where our keys are… Or our dignity.

Am I right?


  • PLAY with a group of up to four players using matchmaking or inviting your friends.

  • VOTE on fighters from previous games, guessing a match-up’s outcome to earn rewards.

  • ARGUE using integrated in-game voice and optional webcam support to make your case!

  • WATCH and vote for winners in live broadcasts of fights directly within Superfight or any device with Twitch!

  • COLLECT over 500 additional cards, on top of the 200+ cards unlocked immediately upon purchase, as you Play or Vote!

  • UNLOCK over 130 Titles based on how you play! Customize your round introduction with your Titles.

  • EXPAND your card count with the included free Location, Scenario, and Challenge Decks! More decks available as DLC!

  • LINK your Twitch account to earn bonus rewards while Broadcasting or Voting on live games (streaming not required to play)!